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Bernard Lost 16 Pounds & Gained Muscle At TT Bootcamp





227.0 lbs.

211.4 lbs.


42.5 inches

41 inches

In late spring of 2014 I weighed 286.8 lbs & actually felt my body was filled with Rheumatoid Arthritis but not the case, I was a couch potato !!

In 2010 I had suffered a great personal loss and staying in decent shape was furthest from my mind.

By that Summer I took notice and realized change was needed and began eating better and walking and more walking. By about February of 2015 I had lost about 70 lbs I felt better, bought new clothes, friends told me I looked great, but...I was weak as a kitten !! Gone was the muscle and tone my body once owned.

I joined Stretch Fitness Studio but to be honest I never made a commitment to any of the offered programs except for the Treadmill and even those visits were infrequent. By June 2016 I was up again in weight to almost 242 lbs now what ??

Corey Arsenault owner of Stretch Fitness Studio Summerside, never ever stopped sending me emails offering to meet with me & dicuss a program that would best suit me and to be honest I wasn't very responsive until around the first week of June I saw these words "Bootcamp" a Turbulence Training program that would challenge me..Challenge Accepted !! I needed structure !!

Fast forward 9 1/2 months later Bootcamp/ TT has become the absolute best part of my day. I regularly read Craigs emails and I always try to find some new way to do the TT program during the days I can't get to bootcamp which by the way I could count on two hands the days I've missed at the gym.

I also include about 2 hours of yoga a week with Greg Weeks from Stretch Fitness,the yoga stretches out those muscles I pound pretty hard in Bootcamp.

As I submit my essay I can say with 100% certainty I have not either felt or been in this good of shape since my 20's & I'll be 58 in July and proud of it !! It's a journey I will continue on & can't remember what my life was like without the TT program.

I wish my fellow competitor's good luck..Respectfully submitted..Bernard Reeves PEI CANADA


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