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Nicole Lost 13 Pounds of Fat and 3.5 Inches from Her Waist in 12 Weeks





209.4 lbs.

196.2 lbs.


44 inches

41.5 inches

The weight gain started back in 2011 when I was in high school. I finally ended an abusive and unhealthy relationship and I was unsure of how to cope with what I was feeling, so I turned to food. Eating has always been a way for me to hide and mask my stress. I started college in 2012 and I continued to put on weight- and I'm not talking just the "Freshman 15". I constantly started diets but always fell back into my old habits of eating poorly and eating ton of sweets. I was so ashamed of myself and how far I let myself go; in high school I weighed in the 140's and as I began college, I was nearly 200 pounds.

My sister and my mom decided to try Fit Body Boot Camp in 2016 and really enjoyed it and encouraged me to join them because they knew how unhappy I was with myself. I knew it was up to me to make that first step in changing my life. So, I went to the first session and felt amazing afterwards. I still remember the encouragement and modifications that the trainers made for me. I started going to boot camp 3-4 times per week for quite a few months and now I have increased it to 5 times per week. I look forward to going to the gym daily and feel sad when I have to miss a session.

I have also started watching what food I am putting into my body and how it makes me feel. I have learned to stop eating at 80% full and to be more conscious of the macronutrients. Being at FBBC and having the TT workouts gives me a variety exercises and works muscles I didn't know existed. When I first started my weight loss journey, I didn't want to give myself a goal weight because I figured I would fall back into old habits, if not worse, and be even more disappointed in myself.

For this TT challenge, however, I did set a goal. I wanted to lose at least 10 pounds, putting me under 200 pounds. At the closing of this challenge, I can say I have successfully reached that goal! I have a long way to go yet, but I am proud to say that I'm no longer intimidated by setting goals, but rather motivated to push myself in the right direction daily. Both through physical goals and nutritional goals.

Thank you to all of the trainers who have helped me and encouraged me each step of the way. Your positive attitudes really help me push forward when I am feeling discouraged.

- Nicole Timm


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