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121 lbs.

112 lbs.


28.5 inches

26 inches

My name is Brenda, I'm 24 and I've always struggled with weight loss, since I danced ballet for 10 years, but I was kind of curvy compared to what a ballet ballerina should look like. Once I stopped dancing I kept looking after my shape. The problem was I love chocolate, ice cream and all that delicious food, and since I was never too fat I didn't worry about it.

Around a year ago I started reading more about being fit and healthy and started following personal trainers and fitness people, and they started to influence me in a positive way. I started drawing a diet for myself and working out at the gym. After some months, I started seeing some results, but I knew I could get more out of myself.

My boyfriend and me found the Turbulence Transformation Contest, which helped me a lot, not only because of its great motivating award, but also because the Turbulence Training 2 really guided me to achieve my goal.

With the videos and all the instructions - that were very easy to follow, I managed to decrease body fat and gain muscle as well. When I started seeing the results after the first few weeks, I told myself I have found the right workout plan for me, because it never felt so right for me.

My goal was clear for me, I wanted to lose body fat and tone my muscles thanks to lifting weights and a proper diet.

To be honest, around early February I started doubting myself, you know I got stuck a little, but after a tough couple of a days I managed to get out of the slump, and I told myself if I don't do it now then I'm only letting myself down, and I'm not willing to do that.

So here I am taking my 12-week pictures and now that I see the first week's photos I do not regret any of the efforts I had to do to get here, I'm glad.

Thank you Turbulence Training and Turbulence Transformation Contest team, for letting people like me, not an expert, participate in such contests, and letting me believe more in myself.

- Brenda Paola Sanchez Santos


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