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Trina Lost 14 Pounds of Fat and 6 Inches From Her Waist in 12 Weeks





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Let me start by saying that I am a dedicated Fit Body/TT member. This is my place of unconditional acceptance and it's where I feel safe to let go of my stress. Having said that, to be totally frank, I joined the current TT challenge because I was frustrated. I was seriously incredibly frustrated. I knew that I still had a lot of room for improvement when it came to body fat percentage, inches, as well as weight, yet I was stuck. I just couldn't seem to break through my plateau. I had been floating around in the middle 150's which was good, it was a goal I strived for and was able to attain.

However that had been months ago and little to nothing since. Even through my very dedicated workout program my body fat was not budging. I didn't feel like I was getting stronger or getting the most out of my workouts. I knew I had more fire in me than what was being shown. To me it was clear, there was no better time to join a challenge. It became an especially easy decision when my husband decided he would join in for the first time as well!

Our first step was committing to quit consuming alcohol. Considering the community we live in and the families we are from, everything is very centered around cocktails. Therefore, this in itself was a major challenge for us. However, we decided that to truly get the best results from the TT, nutrition had to be just as important as the workouts. I noticed almost immediately my workouts became much more intense. The amount I could lift increased, my stamina increased and my reps increased. Knowing that the ;fire was actually there and coming out with intensity was one of the most incredible feelings I have experienced!

Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly), my body fat finally moved within the first month. Then dropped again. Then some weight started coming off as well, but most shockingly to me, was my waistline changed. In fact, it changed A LOT! As a woman who has had a baby, this is of course the area of most concern for me. I focus on my core as much as I can because it is a tough area to conquer! However, I do feel like I am able to conquer it now. That is a brand new feeling that I got from this challenge and it has given me even more drive to continue! It's as if something I once felt was totally impossible is now happening!! Overall, through this 12 week challenge I have lost almost 15 pounds, 5 percent body fat, and over 5 inches off my waist!

The TT workouts; trainers have taught me that I am much more capable than I ever thought I was. I love that I can gauge my progress by the increase in weight reps. However, the support and the encouragement are the true things that make this an elite and special type of workout.

My husband and I have established terrific new eating habits that we practice daily. We are teaching our 2 year old daughter how to have healthy relationship with food, and that is pretty awesome. I know now that this is the way to keep getting stronger and keep pushing myself toward new goals. I am so blessed to have found our amazing facility and I now believe that all of the goals I set are attainable because of this program. Thank you to Craig Ballantyne; all the TT trainers out there. We got here together!

- Trina Christian


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