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Luis Dropped 14 Pounds in 12 Weeks





173 lbs.

159 lbs.


39 inches

34.3 inches

This is my second transformation contest in a row and I'm so glad I decided to participate again! After the previous participation ended, I started to be negligent with my diet and I thought I deserved it to compensate my 12 weeks effort. There wouldn't be a problem if it lasted a few days or if I ate few cheat meals but when I realized, all the bad habits had return and I was doing it every meal, every day.

So, without any surprise and with Christmas just around the corner, I gained 8 pound in a month. Craig's email announcing the next transformation contest motivated me again and so I decided to be back on track just after Christmas.

I had already learned from my previous participation that consistency in nutrition and exercise are really the key for what I had achieved so I just had to repeat the magical formula.

I followed the same routine exercises and the healthy eating lifestyle but instead of doing intermittent fasting only on the non-working out days, I did it every single day. This change made me lose stubborn body fat as never as before and I'm sure of it because it was the only change I made in my routine from one contest to another! I can't recommended it enough: if you want to lose body fat, do intermittent fasting, it is really powerful and effective on burning that unwanted body fat!

No matter what, I won't repeat what happened after the end of the previous contest and this time I will continue eating healthy (ok, 1 or 2 cheat meals per week) and will continue doing intermittent fasting because it has become so natural and easy for me to do with such amazing results.

- Luis Barroso


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