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Simon Lost 5 Pounds of Fat and Gained Muscle During the 12 Week TT Contest





202 lbs.

205 lbs.


35 inches

33 inches

For me the Turbulence Transformation Contest was not just about fat loss. I wanted to lose fat WHILE gaining muscle and increasing my strength. I was looking to increase my relative strength (compared to my bodyweight).

I tried workout routines like Starting Strength, but my diet was not on point so my bodyweight increased with my strength, thus my overall relative strength did not improve a whole lot.

I couldn't locate a certified trainer in my area, so I looked for online help, wrote to the Turbulence Training Team and they were more than happy to help me out with everything I needed. Their support is great.

Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training 2.0 is a great workout with clear instructions and videos, and easy to learn online.

Now, after the 12 week challenge, I can certainly say that my overall body composition is better, my strength relative to my bodyweight improved a lot, I'm faster, I can jump higher, I'm more flexible and mobile.

The scale can lie about weight loss, as I didn't lose much weigh; because I lost fat but gained muscle. In some bodyparts I actually gained inches instead of losing!

I would like to thank the Turbulence Training team for all the work they are doing: the workouts, the support (important if you have questions!), organizing this contest, everything.

This contest is a great way to measure your progress, apart from being a great motivator. The changes on your body are day-by-day changes, so if you don't participate in something like this, you might not even notice how much progress you really made in just 12 weeks.

Thank you, TT!

- Simon Stekler


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