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Brian Dropped 9 Pounds and 5 Inches Off Waist at TT Bootcamp





209 lbs.

200.2 lbs.


42 inches

37.75 inches

My name is Brian and I am 37 years old. I have never written an essay about myself before, but here it goes. I had been thinking for a while that I needed to change things up. I have done many different weight loss things in the past from diet pills, to work out plans, to weight watchers. Though I have had some success with some of these in the past, I have never been able to keep the weight off and stay consistent.

I would lose some weight but never had the energy or strength I was looking for. I always felt something was missing. And then I found Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp for my wife. I watched her weight drop and her energy level increase and thought I should give this a try.

My first workout went by so fast. However after my first session, I knew I was way more out of shape than I had thought. The 4 instructors were so welcoming and encouraging that I kept going back.

I watched a friend of mine have success in a prior TT challenge. So, when this one was starting I thought I would give it a try and encouraged my wife to join as well. Thanks to my wife our eating habits started to change. She continually had me trying new foods that I never would have tried let alone like.

I love attending FBBC for my workouts. I now feel guilty when I miss a workout. I was always skeptical at workout fads or diets, but SFBBC and the 30 minutes can change your life and your attitude. It has really changed my life. Putting your mind to hard work and determination really does pay off.

A HUGE thanks to Brent, Nick, Alyssa and Brittany for the support and encouragement throughout these 12 weeks. Also thanks to all the people that I don't even know by name who are very supportive and encouraging every day at boot camp. Thanks to my workout buddy Brian who helps keep me accountable daily. A SUPER HUGE thank you to my wife, Marla, for encouraging me to go and supporting me through this. Also for helping me realize there are many more foods out there that I never knew I loved.

- Brian Allen


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