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Amy Lost 14 Pounds & 4 Inches





184 lbs.

169.2 lbs.


36.25 inches

32.75 inches

It was a long summer with the kids off school, no routine, many vacations with eating out and letting workouts slip... you know the scenario~ by time I got back to a routine at bootcamp I realized I weighed more than when I started almost 2 years ago! That’s why this time the TT was sent in an email I jumped at it, I needed a challenge, I needed a change!

Being a stay at home mom of 3 children, my youngest being cognitively delayed and handicap, they (especially she) was counting on me to shuffle her back and forth to therapy sessions and not lose speed or strength when carrying her wheelchair and her throughout our day.

I was used to the routine at SFBBC but pushing the hardest I could was something I was no longer doing. And my food was all over the place. I started focusing on form and function over speed and just plugging away, showing up every day as well as eating a whole30 template. The energy started going through the roof, eventually there was some more speed with a good form push up and quality squats became something I pushed to beat my personal best. Every session I left feeling stronger than the day before and feeling unstoppable, I actually felt really good about myself not just mentally but physically!

When I started TT challenge I wanted to lose what I gained in weight and bring back some strength I lost over my long summer. And with the push of the great trainers and fellow boot-campers I managed to drop 13.2 lb with a 4.8% body fat loss and 7 inches lost overall, but what I gained was knowledge that I can do this (and more) and will continue to grow in mind and body overall strength. I finally have a bicep that I can physically see that I want to grow not only for myself but to maintain and grow in strength to care for my daughter, she’s who I would think about when I didn’t possibly think I could muster up one more burpee or push up during a session.

I`m so grateful for the TT challenge, it’s given me the motivation to stick with pushing harder and staying the course. My next goal is to continue daily sessions, eat whole foods to fuel me and push harder than I have in the past with the help from my trainers and fellow fit body members who have all become a family to me.


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