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Amy Lost 16 Pounds In 12 Weeks





203.8 lbs.

187.2 lbs.


39.75 inches

37 inches

My life before joining the TT challenge was starting to get out of control again. I was no longer closely paying attention to my food choices as earlier. I started focusing on what some of my friends were eating instead of what I knew were key elements for me. I had taken a 10-pound back slide and I knew I was not in control of my eating habits any more. I was still working out but I felt that I was not quite giving it my all or pushing as hard as I could.

Before Joining Fit Body Boot Camp I was doing no exercise at all and living a very sedentary life style. I have, in the past, done at home DVD workouts and also exercise bike workouts. Sometimes taking the dogs for a longer than normal walk. With diet and exercise I have always lost some weight, but that never kept me motivated for long.

The biggest challenge for me when starting TT workouts at Fit Body Boot camp was feeling like I would be sick and realizing how weak and out of shape I really was. As I kept coming I started feeling the small accomplishments of progress. I really like how the workouts are different every day, the atmosphere is motivating, and the trainers are excellent.

The best part of TT training is you work at your own level, and the knowledge you get in modifications to help you reach your goals is amazing. I have never worked out any place where I can get the support to help me in my weaknesses to reach the results I want. The way I am treated is what makes it easy to come back. Just pure drive for every person to reach success.

My life after TT challenge is amazing. I am able to keep up with my very active 6-year- old. I am no longer out of breath climbing stairs like I was before starting. I am more confident, and I feel so much stronger as a woman. I have more energy to focus on my homework and am able to stay awake to study. I have more muscle definition than I have ever had, and my romantic life is better. I have better stress management now. I was a mess before this all started.

Overall, I found the combination of workouts at Sheboygan FBBC and the adoption of the Whole 30 style of eating to be key in the success of my 15.4lb and 3.3% fat loss.


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