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Michelle Lost 20 Pounds At TT Bootcamp





168 lbs.

148 lbs.


34 inches

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12-Week Transformation Journey

My name is Michelle and this was my Transformation Journey. I started out this journey with the goal of losing “lbs”. My goal was 10 lbs. However, my way of thinking quickly changed. Instead of equating myself with a number each week it became more about how I felt and how I saw myself. A group of fellow FBBC supporters and I started the Whole 30 on day one. That first week was brutal! I am a sugar addict. The withdrawal was horrible, the headache and tummy aches not much fun and boy was I grumpy!! I almost gave up, quite honestly.

My FBBC family wouldn’t let me. They were there for me the entire time sharing recipes and similar stories. They gave me the strength to go on to that second week! A huge help was that we were not allowed (Whole 30) to step on a scale for the first 30 days. I was simply amazed by my first weigh-in and I had already met my goal of 10 lbs. I felt amazing. I had more energy, I was sleeping better, and my clothes were getting baggy. I decided to stay on the Whole 30 for my entire transformation. My relationship with food has never been healthier! Meanwhile I was doing boot camp every day, and to be honest twice on Tues/Thurs. Lesa, John and Mary along with the other trainers are truly the best!!

They pushed me past my limits and help me set new goals. I can actually do “A” pull up without a band. It’s only one, but it’s something I never thought possible! It set me up for new goals. I met many struggles throughout my 12 weeks. Lesa, staff, and the Lakeside family were there every single step of the way encouraging me, helping me, and simply being there for me. I’ve done other boot camps, but Lesa and crew are far superior in their support and wanting you to succeed and reach your goals.


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