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Robbie Lost 29 Pounds & 5 Inches





331.2 lbs.

302.4 lbs.


56.5 inches

51.5 inches

Before starting TT, my job always got it the way. Or maybe that was just an excuse not to get to the gym. My workouts before included 40 min of squash, then moved on to strength training on machines. Usually isolating certain muscle groups. I pretty much stayed at the same fitness level for the past few years.

The BIGGEST chance for me with the TT workouts were the Full Body Circuit training. Using Body Weight, Dumb bells and Bar bells. 30 min and getting it done. NO EXCUSES!

I really felt motivated by everyone in the group. Felt my core strength increase in the first couple weeks.

My life is so much BETTER now, because I know I don`t have to spend hours at the gym to get RESULTS.

The BIGGEST PLUSES are being motivated by others, more energetic and my healthy eating plan. I know it works for me, I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have to follow everyone else.

The daily inspirational email really gave me something to focus on during the day. And to fall back on if I was having a crappy day.

Thanks for the Turbulence Training. I tell everyone about the program, when they notice I am losing weight and getting Stronger.


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