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My story is one that so many single mothers know. I was a divorced mother of two great children, working full time with two part-time jobs. As if my world wasn't busy enough, I balanced school for the past 6 years. Of course my health suffered, I put on weight and my energy level was horrible, results I expected from the many meals on the fly and lack of sleep.

I told myself time and again that I would get back to the gym (some gym, any gym) but needed to figure out how or when to make it a priority. I even had the membership to the place that everyone pays for and few go!

My family was great, unconditional love always. My sister had tried to get me to workout repeatedly and most recently talked about Sheboygan Fit Body Boot Camp and the TT style of workout that would get me in and out in a half hour. Again even a half hour seemed to be too much on a schedule that often involved 12-14 hour days and family activities. Last October I met the man who would become my boyfriend; we stayed in touch but didn't see each other again until April of this year.

This time when I saw him he was still a hottie but there was much less of him! As we talked he explained he was doing the same program as my sister and had just completed a 12-week challenge that saw him lose 75 lbs. The more we talked the more it became a possibility that I could add this to my schedule and make it work until my graduation 2 months away. I started a few weeks later, instantly I fell in love with the workouts and was hooked. This 12-week challenge had already begun but after some urging from owner / lead trainer Brent Neevel, other clients and the boyfriend we decided rather late than not at all!

I found I could do many of the exercises and according to others was exceling at some, both pleasant surprises! We did punisher squats, rope slams, weighted rows, sprinting in place and many more that I started to love. Different challenges would start before and after sessions and next thing I know there where daily routines of 2-3 minute planks and 3 + minute wall sits, and I'm rocking them! The more time I spend working out the more I see my mobility, energy level and overall strength improve and the gains are noticeable daily. My sleep has improved, I'm more attentive at work and throwing around my 800-pound Harley has never been as much fun!

My goal when starting the 12 week challenge was to make it to under again (below 200 pounds, a place I hadn't seen in a number of years) and to take back my health. I had an amazing week when I graduated and as if that wasn't enough was invited as a guest to the TT Summit. Those events solidified and inspired this path. I'm proud to say that I'm so close to under 200 once again! I have also realized that it is only the beginning and can't wait to see the future me!

A thank you isn't always enough but it's a start. Thanks to my extended family at Sheboygan FBBC, Brent Neevel, Nick Schmitz, Alyssa Ciepley, and Brittney Bremer, you all have meant more than you will ever know. I can't forget my persistent sister who rocks fitness in a way I can only aspire to do and my chance encounter with my workout partner and now boyfriend! - Vici Hoffmann


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