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304 lbs.

295 lbs.


51.5 inches

50 inches

Prior to joining Lakeside Fit Body Boot Camp, I was a 39-year-old ex-college athlete that threw weights around sporadically, didn't invest much in cardio and kept the same appetite of my playing days. Over the years, it was a recipe for disaster. I was up to 325lbs as of mid March this year. I was depressed, lazy, tired and irritable. I had no energy to enjoy my wife and two young daughters. I started to hate myself.

I heard about Lakeside Fitness FBBC through a family member. I tried the 3 days free and quickly realized it was just what I needed. There was no way I would have done these types of exercises (at this tempo) on my own. It also rekindled my competitive side from working as a group. It kept me accountable. During the transformation challenge, the biggest change I have noticed is with my energy level and stamina.

I'm eager to be more active with my family. I'm happier and my family deserves the best version of me. I thank Lakeside Fitness FBBC for that and I can't thank my trainers enough. I was at a crossroads and this decision may have just saved my life. I learned that incorporating High Intensity Interval Training, making healthier food choices and watching my portions made for the synergistic trifecta that's been eluding me forever. In the past, when I made efforts to get back on the wagon. I approached it like I was still a member of the offensive line. It made for a slow lengthy transition which had me buying into my excuses before I noticed any gains. I'm down to a recent best of 295lbs and the best part is, I'm again addicted to working out and there are no signs of stopping. Lakeside Fitness FBBC is now a habit of mine, a lifestyle; one that I truly welcome. - Brad Bacik


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