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Luanna lost 11.4 Pounds and is Feeling Stronger and Leaner





147.2 lbs.

135.8 lbs.


32.25 inches

30.75 inches

My sister had been going to boot camp for a year and I had actually gone and watched a class but decided I wasn't ready. Fast forward to a year later, in a moment of weakness and a couple of glasses of wine, my sister convinced me to join the Back to School 6 week challenge at Sheboygan FBBC last September. I watched the transformation that my sister experienced and was hopeful my journey would be just as successful.

And it was! I ended up winning first place and I haven't looked back since. I continued with the program, and over the holidays, I dropped another 10 pounds. And it isn't just the weight. It's the feeling of being healthier, stronger and accomplishing goals that I didn't think were possible. I recently completed my 100th session and have joined Sheboygan FBBC because I love the work outs so much and the results are amazing. Who doesn't have 30 minutes a day to transform your life?

I have to say Brent Neevel and his staff are the best! They motivate, encourage, care and push you to be the person they know you can be. Yes you have to do the work, but you're never alone. They are with you every step of the way. There aren't enough words to describe what they mean to each and everyone one of us.

Boot camp has changed my life. I am 55 years old and haven't ever felt this good. In 6 months I have dropped 40 pounds, 10.9% body fat and 19.75 inches overall. I went from a very snug size 12 to a size 6. Best of all it is a program that I have incorporated in to my lifestyle. There are no limits as to the possibilities of what you can accomplish if you just try the program. I look forward to the future and continuing my fitness journey, getting stronger, leaner and staying active for the rest of my life.


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