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Being Prepared and Planning ahead Lisa Lost 16.1 Pounds in 12 Weeks





193 lbs.

176.9 lbs.


38 inches

34 inches

The 12 week challenge was an opportunity for me to really focus in on my exercise and weight loss goals to start 2016. I had to attend a cocktail party for work in February so that was my initial motivation. I went shopping with my 14 year old daughter around the holidays and was trying on dresses and when I asked her opinion she did her best to be kind, but her responses and the way I looked in the mirror made it evident that I needed to lose weight and get in better shape. “That one’s a little bit tight around your stomach,” and “that dress doesn’t look good from the back” were comments she made. I wasn’t able to find something suitable while shopping so I decided to go to my closet. I came across a cute dress I wore to a cocktail party a few years ago and made the decision that I would be in that dress (comfortably) and it would look good on me by February.

I’ve always enjoyed working out, but my eating habits have been horrible. Between family life, work and travel I didn’t take time to plan ahead. That has been the key learning for me in this entire process. Planning ahead has been the key to my initial success. I need to continue to do so moving forward. Both with food and with working out.

I spend quite a bit of time on the road traveling for my job- sometimes up to five hours a day in the car. Prior to the challenge I would eat a small breakfast, leave the house with a cup of coffee and hit the road. I’d try to get as much accomplished as quickly as possible, most often skipping lunch, so by 3pm I’d be famished. This turned into a vicious daily cycle for me. Inevitably I’d be starving (and tired) late afternoon so I’d stop and pick something up on the road. Most often this would be something quick and loaded with carbs and not much nutritional value and it wouldn’t fill me up. Once I got home we’d have dinner and I’d consume huge portions in order to compensate for the lack of eating I did throughout the day.

I’m happy to say I’ve changed my ways. After talking with Lesa I realized that I needed to eat smaller, more frequent meals. I still eat a small breakfast and leave the house with a cup of coffee, but I also leave with a small cooler filled with nutritious snacks: veggies, hummus, a piece of fruit and sometimes yogurt or pretzels. This helps to fill me up throughout the day as I make my travels. I also started planning ahead for dinner and prepping for the week ahead over the weekend. My family has really enjoyed some of the recipes I’ve come across and they are eating healthier too.

I also prepare every week to determine what days/times I am going to work out for the week ahead. The flexibility of class schedules at Lakeside has enabled me to make exercise part of my daily routine. I’m not bored due to the variety of daily workouts and have been pleased with the results I’ve seen thus far. I also purchased a heart rate monitor and set calorie burn goals for each day.

I’ve still got some work to do to achieve my goals for 2016, but I am confident I will get there with continued encouragement of those around me at Lakeside Fit Body Bootcamp!


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