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Being overweight for my whole life, it's amazing how one day you wake up and finally say enough is enough. Should I be ashamed of myself for the way I look? Well I was, for almost 23 years Being the fat kid through school, my grade 6 graduation, I didn't fit into the cute dresses all the girls were wearing, I wore a women's dress shirt and pants, looked like an old lady trapped in a chubby kids body. Being the over weight teenager, doesn't exactly make for an easy way to get through school, or those years that are supposed to be fun, going shopping with friends seemed like the most embarrassing thing to do, trying to find a date seemed impossible. I went through all my high school dances with not one single slow song dance, and I was an easy target to be chosen for the fat jokes if nothing else.

In December 2013, I gave birth to my first child, raising him as a single mother, I realized quickly how I needed to change. I didn't want my son to grow up with the fat mom jokes, as well as I want to be able to be the fun active mom with my son as he grows up. Things had to change.

I walked into the gym November 9th, 2015. Was it scary? Probably one of the scariest things I've ever done, but I did it! I started with a 30 minute boot camp 5 days a week, which then switched into adding weight training into it as well. It was hard to be the obese sweaty out of breathe girl, but you soon realize, everyone at the gym is there for the same reason, to be better then they were yesterday and everyone is there to change themselves not to spend time watching you struggle.

The Turbulence Challenge has kept me motivated to keep pushing forward, and actually enjoying myself while making these changes to my lifestyle, and my life. The short intense workouts really push you to your max, but you still have lots of time to be a Mom, and do your everyday busy lifestyles. I feel like a whole new person, and I am not anywhere near done yet! This challenge has not only changed me on the outside, but I am a whole new person on the inside. I have gained so much self-happiness as well as self-confidence. I actually check myself out while walking past windows, not shying away from them.

One quote that I like and find motivating through this journey is Don't take a clock on this journey take a compass. It's the direction you're moving in that matters, not the time it takes you to get there. - Anonymous


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