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Breaking Bad Eating Habits Bob has Lost 18.2 in 12 Weeks





214 lbs.

195.8 lbs.


42 inches

38.5 inches

Bob's Transformation – just the beginning!

Age: 47 – just a tad over 40! Brain feels like 25 but body was feeling over 60 until January 1st 2016.

March 25 2016, feeling like I am more in my 30’s with the energy and ability to do things I was always short of breath doing.

I was eating and drinking for two and still only 214 lbs as of January 1st as I was rather active but struggling to keep up with the kids.

Since March has began, I have come home after the night work outs and run an additional mile with one of the kids and dog – even the dog is getting in shape now and sleeping better.

I made a goal in January to go at least 3 times a week at Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp – that’s easy I thought. Not so in the beginning – easier to blow off, but every time I was dragging to go – I would get home after the work out and go darn, I’m glad I forced myself – I feel so much better.

I set up a plan of going after work at 5:30 or 6:30pm – it forced me to not eat bad during the day as I had to work out and when I got home looking for dinner I would say to myself, I just sweat out a 12 pack of beer – eat right!

I have lost over 20lbs and gained in strength in ways I have not felt in years – able to pound out 10 pushups in 12 sec – It was hard to do two or three months ago.

This workout has forced me to change my eating habits in a big way. I stopped drinking Diet Coke as of January 1st – 2-4 16oz bottles a day – replaced with water and unsweetened tea. Lot less craving sweets which helps trim the belly and then working out and getting the heart rate up – I can feel the fat slowly melting off each night. Wish it was faster, but years of eating junk will take more than 3 months to fall off. I see big progress - I had to buy new belts in March as all they are all too big. It’s working.

This is truly the beginning – 3 months to is not enough to totally change 20 years of bad habits but it has been a great start to keeping up with my 16 and 12 year kids.

Now I need to set another 3 month goal on April 1st– seems easier to have short term goals and have things planned that require exercise. Next challenge is being able to participate in the Anne’s Hope run on May 15th. I have never run in an event in my life but have found a new energy.

Thanks Lesa, John and the Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp Trainers!


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