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I joined this competition for Leonardo DiCaprio. More accurately, I joined because of him. When articles featuring a pudgy Lenny D captioned with the newly coined term “dad bod” started infesting the internet, I knew it was time for a big change. Touted as “good news for all slightly-out-of-shape, 'normal' guys & fathers” the “dad bod” phenomenon celebrated the lowering of the fitness bar to subterranean levels.

Muffin tops, back rolls, and double chins were suddenly the new standard for guys my age. Leo is only two years older than I am and, Hollywood good looks aside, his physique is more titanic than toned these days. When I looked in the mirror I realized I had a similar bearded, bloated body. I hadn't completely “let myself go” but, like most folks I know, I was only “kind of” in shape. I'd settled. My fitness goals were always just on the horizon.

I was haunted by the line from the movie Whiplash: “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job'. “

Not a problem for a multimillionaire celebrity playboy (with an army of personal trainers to get him back in shape) but it's tragic news for yours truly. I'm just a regular guy with the big 4-0 lurking around the next corner. I was determined not to cross into middle-age listlessly waving the banner of mediocrity. I knew I could do better. I deserve better. I am better than “good job”. I joined this competition to prove that to myself.

For the past two years I'd been using Craig's “4 Minute Miracle” videos to great effect. I was amazed at how simple, thorough and efficient the Turbulence Training program is. It is the perfect blend of difficult and doable. At only 20 minutes, I loved that I could easily fit these powerful workouts into my daily routine. I was making great strides in strength and energy.

I won't lie. I dreaded climbing up and down the burpee ladder but I soon came to crave the energizing effect of my weekly workouts with Craig and his crew. My diet was a bit loosey-goosey because of my hectic schedule but for the most part I was maintaining a decent physique. I was doing a “good job”.

So how did I find myself with the aforementioned “dad bod”? Simple. I met the girl of my dreams—and she is an award-winning baker. In our first year together she and I did what most new couples do. We lived the cozy, good life. Watching movies, cuddling on the couch and, our favorite past-time, cooking together. Slowly but surely we filled our love nest with snacks. “Relationship weight” began to slowly cling to our middles. And that was just the start.

Months ago, my girlfriend received a startling diagnosis of an illness that required immediate and permanent medication. To add insult to injury, the medicine she was required to take caused her rapid weight gain. It sapped her energy and burdened her with crushing fatigue. It was heart-breaking to see her suffer and sink into depression because of it. I did my best to be supportive during this difficult transition.

During the holidays when I decided I wanted to do the the Body Transformation Competition, I encouraged her to join me. I was overjoyed when she agreed. Together we committed to working out and sticking to our simple meal plan of lean meats and veggies. At first she had to modify some of the exercises to keep up but week after week we kept at it, improving each time. Pounds started melting off both of us. The beautiful glow returned to her eyes.

It has been a wonderful bonding experience for us. Planning our meals, working out together, discussing strategies, and cheerleading each other as a team really put a fresh spark in our relationship.

As per Craig's advice we both began recording our workouts. I started putting gold stars on my calendar each time I finished a session. I invited my little brother to taunt me if he saw me slip up. Three months of being punched in the gut and called “Buffalo butt” really kept me on track.

Now, as the contest closes, I feel like a lion. I can fit into my old clothes. I confidently stride forward knowing I will only get leaner and stronger. Most importantly, I know that, should I ever find myself off track again, I have the keys to the kingdom in my pocket. More valuable than a fitness goal alone, I now have a rock-solid system that I can truly rely on. Turbulence Training when paired with proper nutrition is an unbeatable force for fitness! Thanks to Craig and the crew for doing all the hard work of designing such a streamlined system. As always, Stay strong!


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