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Preparing Meals and Being Accountable Nicholas Sheds 10.6 pounds





226.8 lbs.

216.2 lbs.


37 inches

37.5 inches

Twelve weeks ago I started this Turbulence Training Transformation challenge at Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp, Hartland WI to keep myself accountable during my busiest season of the year for work. Having four trade shows and an out of town trip were NOT going to help my health and wellness so I wanted to plan ahead. I also had two good friends doing the challenge with me so I knew I would have the support I needed to get results. Adding in Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp 5-6 days a week (less when I traveled) was huge but changing my eating habits is what did it for me. I also haven't felt as confident about my own body as I should and have a goal/want to be able to wear cut offs/tank tops come summer time and not be hesitant to take my shirt off at the beach.

I LOST a total of 10 pounds and 6 inches during this twelve weeks and just feel better!!! I didn't go into this challenge with specific goals. I just wanted to feel better and make good choices and I did that. I added in world class supplementation to fill in the gaps of my healthy eating and I in turn have more energy and get through my day.

Life before the 12 week challenge; I was very active but wasn't making good eating choices. If you eat whatever you want, your not going to feel good and see the results you're striving for.

Biggest Change during challenge; Prepping meals for the week on Sundays! Its amazing what being prepared to eat everyday does for you, especially being on the road a lot for work like I am. I also drank more water than I was drinking before the contest!

Best part of Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp, The group of people/instructors.

We always push and support each other AND rock out to great music during the workouts! I also love the total body aspect of boot camp. After playing Division I Baseball for four years, I don't have the urgency or want to lift extremely heavy anymore and put that kind of stress on my body. 45 minutes of intense training at boot camp is great and the STRETCHING at the end has helped me.

Life is better now, I have a better understanding about healthy food options, feel great and have more confidence to get my body (summer cut off/tanks) where I want it to be

Thank you to all of my fellow Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp members for always pushing me to be better!



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