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Lucas Completes His Second Transforamtion Contest Feeling Stronger and Leaner





194.8 lbs.

192.4 lbs.


35 inches

32.5 inches

Before I started at Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp I had been moderately working out and eating in a not so healthy way. I would maybe workout 3 times a week without really pushing myself to the brink and think that was good enough. If I would go out somewhere to eat, which happened way too often, I would get something that was a big portion. What probably made things worse was, that I always thought “well I bought it, I have to eat it all”. Also if I would ever head to a gas station to get gas for my car I’d head inside and get a little bag of chips and a couple sodas, because if you buy two that’s always the better deal….. I was drinking way to much soda also; at work I’d have one or two a day and a bunch if I’d go eat somewhere. At times going to a pool did not feel good even taking my shirt off because I knew hiding underneath was a big belly, muffin top and arms that were not really defined at all. The thing was, was that I knew that I was getting bigger and I really did not want to recognize it and say that I was, but when Lesa said she was signing people up for this total transformation contest I realized that I needed to sign up and lose some weight.

This is my second Transformation contest. When my first transformation started I weighed 210. This for my age group and on a BMI scale is slightly overweight. At the beginning I set a goal for myself of losing at least ten pounds. Plus an added motivation is that my girlfriend is in Florida working for Disney in their college program and I wanted to impress her with my new look when I go visit her after this contest is done. This one I am starting at 194.8. When the contest started I brought my workouts up from three a week to five or six. During these workouts I also pushed myself more and more to test my limits. I began to cut back on soda at work to zero and I switched to water only. I would only drink one if we went out to dinner, and even then I would only have one and switch to water. When I make something at home for myself I also look at the serving size, what is in it and how many calories before I make it which has opened my mind to what foods actually contain. I have reduced my occurrences going out to eat to once a week. If I do go out to eat I try to eat smaller portions and if I can’t finish it I take it home so I don’t over eat. Since I’ve done that I have noticed that my stomach has actually shrunk and I can’t eat anywhere near what I did before. Now if I go and get gas for the car I actually fight myself to not go in and get something. I have been really trying to have some more self-control, because I had been giving in way too long. When I fall down like anyone does trying to lose weight, I punish myself at a workout the next day and do an extra 10 minute workout doing cardio and core.

At the end of this transformation I have looked back and realized how far I have actually come, and this isn’t the end. I am planning to continue even past this contest because that’s what it is about, transformation. Which has happened and I can see it. When I started I this contest I weight 192.4 lbs. After this second challenging exceeded my goal of at least ten pounds. Now when I go to a pool somewhere or something, I am now more confidant in the way I look which makes me feel better. My muffin top is basically gone, my chest and arms are getting tighter, my jeans are definitely getting looser, and my belly has shrunk significantly. I am so glad I did this transformation challenge and I cannot wait to continue it, because after all my transformation most certainly does not end here.

Thank You Lesa and all the Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp Trainers. You Rock


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