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Alyssa drops 7 inches off her waistline and 17 pounds





164 lbs.

147 lbs.


35 inches

28 inches

I can't tell you how many times I have taken before photos. Each time I have given up. Over many years. To be honest? I just didn't have the confidence or belief in myself that I could do it. I am telling you this as I know I'm not the only one; so have faith! After regularly starting to read Craig's Early to Rise material I realised that the mental and emotional game is just as, if not more important, than the physical program. When I measured in I was 164lbs and miserable. You can tell from the photo. Zero self-esteem. Zero self-belief. Zero confidence. I wasn't working out at all and in a 100% sedentary and stressful job. Eating healthy just didn't figure in my world, if it wasn't fast and able to meet my sugar and salt stress induced cravings then it didn't happen. I am actually in shock thinking back though it was such a short time ago. So what has TT done for me? Well I did it old school. No personal trainer. No gym. Just 100% 1:1 Craig using the TT2.0 for the physical game and the ETR inspiration for the mental and emotional game. Has my job become more active? No. Has is become more stressful? Actually yes but now I can handle it. I got a backbone! Thank you Craig!!!

I loved how regardless of my demanding life you were there on call to face all aspects of the challenge with your materials. I could not be happier and I am not stopping now. I haven't gained much muscle tone but I still uncovering them ? So far I have dropped 17lbs!! Even better is how many people have noticed my confidence and working out means I now walk taller and with purpose. I stand up for myself both physically and emotionally now plus fit into my favorite jeans!! I know I am just starting and being 5months shy of 40 years old, this is the first time I believe in myself and that means more than anything. I'll be honest; it can be scary to start and I have spent more than my share of hours looking at before and after photos online and doing nothing but can I tell you this? It's worth it. TT is worth it.

Craig has a holistic solution. Use it. You are worth it! ?


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