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Longtime TT fan Matt loses 16 pounds





317 lbs.

301 lbs.


58 inches

51.5 inches


I remember when I hit it the first time.

I was eating whatever I wanted, working out sometimes, and quite frankly, a mess. I was working two jobs (one of which was delivering pizzas), working on a masters degree... plus being a husband and dad.

I saw my weight climb from 275 to 317 in TWO YEARS.

I've been a fan of TT for the last 5 years. However, like someone sitting in the stands, I wasn't putting into practice the habits, the intensity in the workouts, the basic diet principles Craig shares. I wasn't surrounding myself with good social support.

Thus, the chaos. Flash forward to today.

As I'm sitting here I am so excited to be on the journey towards losing 100 lbs. I've been following the workouts to the TT; including the Thermo30, Meathead 5x20 (my favorite!!), Metabolic Sweet 16s and several other smaller workouts when I just didn't even have 30-45 minutes. I was rigorous about 3-4 days/week of TT workouts + learning how to swim again. I kept my love of variety satiated by switching workout plans every 3-5 weeks.

I also am working on my biggest barrier; the diet. I love to not care about eating habits; Craig and others in the TT forums held me accountable, asked the right questions and encourage this. Even with not being super-committed, I was able to still lose weight and it's because of the times of LASER FOCUS and the workouts I've lost. I will say, I've fallen in love with intermittent fasting and other forms of fasting; I'm *almost* there when it comes to the dieting and that will get me through the next 85lbs!

I was fueled by these workouts and had more energy to love my wife and kids, work hard and live life. I'm inspired to press on towards the goal of maybe even getting TT-certified myself. I love telling people about these workouts and sharing what they've done for me!

I've now seen 301 for the LAST TIME. Thanks, Craig, for the incredible programs & support!


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