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344 lbs.

303.6 lbs.


57.5 inches

49 inches

My life prior to Lakeside Fitness was one of medication and near daily migraine headaches - not to mention becoming more and more obese as time went on. I was at a point where it had become cumbersome to function at all. I was overweight, over-medicated, and facing the certainty that more medical issues were to come if I didn't do something now. I was a bit apprehensive seeing as how I had never worked out a day in my life. Could I really commit and do this? Was I really worth it?

Casting aside my fear of the unknown I made the call when I saw the sign for Lakeside Fitness on the side of the road. Lesa and John answered all my questions, reassuring me that this would help and that the team they had would be there to teach, modify and help every step of the way. Somewhere in our conversations, they sparked a glimmer of hope that I not only could start getting better, but possibly could start removing some of the half a dozen or so medications from my daily regimen. I went to my doctor and got the ok to do this. With that being said I signed up for the 12wk challenge.

The best thing about, Lakeside Fitness is the care and concern all the trainers have for the participants in any class I have attended. They are also there to teach you how to correctly do the exercises. Not to mention the motivation they give you to keep going. When I first started and even a few times during these twelve weeks, there have been occasions when I didn't even think I could finish the class. But they were right there to instruct, modify and encourage me. Without them, I would not have gotten to where I am now. It's almost like having a personal cheering section just for me, and that feels awesome

When I began this journey, in the beginning of May 2015, I weighed 344lbs, had a 57.5 inch waist, 52 inch hips and wore a size 4xl shirt. I now weigh 301.8 lbs have a 49 inch waist and hip, also loosely wear a size 3xl shirt. I have lost a shoe size too. Who knew all that could happen.

My life since starting this new journey is one of miraculous results. When I started I was supposed to be taking approximately 26 pills a day for various medical conditions. I am now down to one or two medications as needed. The severity of the migraines has diminished. High blood pressure is gone. I switched to fish oil, so no more cholesterol medication. No pain killers for plantar fasciitis. I can now sleep at night. My diet has improved. And best of all I look forward to going to the classes. I have a new found confidence in myself that I had forgotten existed. This confidence is also starting to show in other aspects of my life, as I am the volunteer president of a non-profit organization geared at helping others. I am also helping a family member get his business going. Prior to joining Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp doing most if not all of this was very taxing and cumbersome, if not impossible.

This is what I needed and I am ever so grateful that Lesa, John and the rest of the team at Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp were there to be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Because of Lakeside Fitness Fit Body Boot Camp and its team I now have hope, strength and confidence again. I can and will do this. - Thank You!


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