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Jodi gains confidence back and loses 4lbs





164.4 lbs.

160 lbs.


41.5 inches

39 inches

Lakeside Fitness Fitbody Boot Camp is not your typically gym work out! Its more than a gym its a great group of instructors and friends helping each other to get to the same goals.

Even at 5:15 in the morning that place really has some energy going on! You got Lesa running around telling us we are ROCK STARS and John jumping in and doing the work outs right along with us!! You start your boot camp out with Lesa going thru' the steps explaining modifications which in my case is a huge plus due to back and knee issue's.

Watch out for the little giggles she sometimes has while explaining exercise, it could mean something really tough!! No matter how tough you may think it is everyone is always there to get you through and remind you to listen to your body!!

With the high energy, energetic music and the ever changing exercises before you know it John is ringing the bell and we are done with the workout and time to stretch out and start our days!!! I may not have lost a lot of pounds or inches since I am not a number person BUT I can tell you I increased my strength and my energy level is much higher! On top of that I also learned some exercises I have been doing for years at other places that my form was wrong and most likely causing more harm than good!!

>>> Guess what Lesa is right we are ROCK STARS!!!

>>> Thank you Lakeside FB!!



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