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Former TT Contest winner Robin loses 11lbs and drops 4 inches in waist





138.6 lbs.

127.7 lbs.


34.5 inches

30.75 inches

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother who has struggled with weight for over 25 years; weighing 196 at my heaviest. Prior to learning of TT, I chose the easy, unhealthy route to weight loss...using prescription diet pills to lose 40 lbs. over the next 10 yrs and kept most of it off.

In Dec. 2013, I heard about TT from my friend, Jenelle Ford, the 18th TT Contest Winner for Women Over 40 and 19th TT Contest Pro Winner. I WANTED her body! With her mentoring, I won the 19th TT Contest for Women Over 40, but still had weight to lose. After winning, I got comfortable, stopped working out and started putting weight back on.

I turned 50 in Jan. 2015. After being obese in my 30's and overweight in my 40's, I wanted to ROCK my 50's and get rid of the rest of the excess fat I was carrying. I entered this contest to get back on track, making regular exercise a part of my life. After not working out for several months, it was like starting all over; I was once again weak. I restarted TT 2.0 and Beginner workouts and then moved on to Intermediate. Once again, the changes in my figure have been rapid and very motivating.

During these 12 weeks, I incorporated Valslides into some of the TT exercises and finished the C25K program. I am doing the U.S.M.C. Boot Camp Challenge in Sept. 2015 to honor a fallen Marine and have incorporated running into my training.

I began the Fast 5 eating style (fasting 19 hrs. a day/eating only during a 5 hr. window) in Jan. 2014. This eating style works great for me. Also, I have continued to use MyFitnessPal to track my food intake and a Fitbit Charge HR to track my exercise, heart rate and progress.

Even if I don't win this contest, I am a winner. I now exercise regularly 6 days a week and actually enjoy it! I have lost more weight and inches. I am now physically fit. I plan to keep using the TT workouts, which I LOVE, as part of my lifestyle to maintain my transformed body and fitness level. I am healthier now than I've ever been. It is an AMAZING feeling.


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