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Lachlan lost 7lbs in 12 weeks with TT Bootcamps





163.58 lbs.

156.96 lbs.


33 inches

31.5 inches

My name is Lachlan, I am 16 and I have been doing sessions through Ali Fox Turbulence Trainer for the last six months.

Before I started training with Ali Fox Turbulence Trainer the only exercise I did was at school during my physical education class. Whilst I enjoyed running around on the school oval I would rather sit on the couch playing on the XBox. For many years, I watched my mum battle with her weight and fitness until she discovered Ali Fox Turbulence Trainer. In August 2014, I watched my mum enter her first twelve week challenge. By the time she finished, I had joined my mum in boxing classes and developed a keen interest in boxing. Then I joined my mum in her second twelve week challenge in January 2015 and supported her with training. My mum and I set goals for ourselves, including an 8 km muddy run and jogging over a 3 km bridge. I have now developed my own goals and have set a 10 km run as an ultimate goal. I currently have a goal of being able to run five km without stopping and I entered in my school's cross-country events in an effort to achieve these goals. In 2016, I would like to enter a local event called the Jetty 2 Jetty to achieve my goal of 10 km.

This twelve week challenge has definitely been tough and there were many times that I thought I would give up but with Ali's assistance I did not quit. My grandmother passed away five years ago from a long battle with cancer and her memory has given me the determination to succeed. Included in our fitness testing, we are required to run up and down a ramp twice in the fastest time possible. I was able to overcome my fears and I conquered the two minute barrier in my recent fitness testing ramp run.

I have become stronger with my fitness and within my mind and this would not have been possible without Ali and her Turbulence Training sessions. I really enjoy the training sessions, especially the sessions including cardio and Ali Fox Turbulence Training is now a part of my life.


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