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Single Mother Jennifer Conquers Her Goals and Loses 15.4lbs and 5.5 Inches





194.89 lbs.

179.46 lbs.


41.5 inches

36 inches

Hi my name is Jennifer. I am a single parent of a 16 year old son and I recently turned 41.

As a teenager I was extremely active with ballet tap classes as well as Naval Reserve Cadets Girl Guides. This all came to a screeching halt in my early 20's when I developed severe back pain which resulted in a spinal fusion. I was 22 and had to learn to walk again. This time of my life was extremely tough, however I got through it.

When I was 24 I became a mom and a single parent at the same time. During my son's infancy, I decided that I needed to further my studies over a period of five years I completed three degrees. My exercise regime was non-existent and I was a smoker. I did quit smoking over 12 years ago.

When I fell pregnant, I weighed 60kg. Following a bout of depression I packed on the weight very quickly gained close to 30kg. Over the last five years, I have attempted to lose weight through various gym memberships & classes. These worked for a period of time but I did not have focus or the drive or determination to succeed therefore, the weight kept coming back on. When I turned 40 in 2014, I looked at photos of myself and did not like what I saw.

At the start of 2014 I watched a friend from work undertake her first 12 week challenge and she succeeded. Then another work colleague undertook the same 12 week challenge and she also succeeded. I had to know their success.

So, through talking to them I discovered that they had both joined Ali Fox TT Sessions on their journeys. Through trepidation, I messaged Ali and asked whether she would be able to help. I was extremely nervous but I went along to an open day and met Ali. From the very beginning Ali was awesome to talk to and she listened to me as I listed all of my injuries and she assured me that she would be able to alter her Fox TT sessions to accommodate my many injuries. So off I went to my very first TT 12 week challenge. It was definitely tough and there were many times that I did not feel as though I would make it. I lost 5kg that challenge, which was the most I had lost in a very long time.

I am now coming to the end of my second Fox TT 12 week challenge. I have had a different head space with this challenge and have enjoyed every single bit of it. My son supported me in my first 12 week challenge and then joined me in this 12 week challenge and together we have discovered a love for Ali's boxing sessions.

Alongside Ali's Fox TT sessions, I set myself goals which I am slowly conquering. At the start of the challenge I said to Ali that I wanted to be able to run 1km without stopping.

I never thought I would get there however, with Ali's support and guidance I conquered that goal. I have also participated in an International Women's Day 5km Fun Run for Breast Cancer, a 8km muddy obstacle course and will conquer my last goal over Easter that of jogging over a 3km bridge.

Five years ago in January 2010, my mum passed away from an incredibly long battle from both breast and ovarian cancer. I decided to dedicate this current challenge to my mum to show her that I have the strength to get stronger, the courage to not give up and the hope to succeed. Not only have I become stronger, I have not given up and I have definitely succeeded. None of this would have been possible without Ali and her Fox TT Sessions. I am now lost without the Fox TT Sessions and my life has definitely changed for the better.


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