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Joanne Dropped 8.1 Pounds of Fat With TT





186.7 lbs.

178.6 lbs.


39.3 inches

35.6 inches

My journey to fitness was achieved using the TT Program Trained with Alison Finlay (ALI FOX TRANSFORMATIONS) certified Turbulence Trainer.

I have been on a journey with Ali Fox Transformations for some time; initially it was all about weight loss as my forties had been the ballooning years of considerable weight gain.

At 48 I made a vow to be at a healthy weight by 50. I started the journey on my own and had limited success making me realize I needed help, encouragement and discipline from a third party to reach my goal.

I knew exercise and nutrition were the key but kept making the mistake thinking I could do it on my own. With a dear friend I joined Ali Fox 12-week challenge and though initially devastated at how unfit I really was and just how much weight I had gained over the years made a start.

It was hardest thing other than child birth I have ever experienced, but like having a child it was also the most gratifying thing I had experienced in a very long time. My trainer Ali ensured that I was pushed to what I thought was my limit but Ali always got the best out of me when I thought there was nothing left to give.

The weight came of slowly to start, but what was apparent was my body changing as fat gave way to muscle. I was proud of what I was doing as each week I could run further, climb more stairs, and do punishing work outs.

The weight started to come off and I was hooked completely on this regime of fitness and nutrition. The weight loss has been for me a sense of relief and a great achievement but honestly what I am most grateful for is how my life has changed as a fit, healthy and active individual.

This is my third challenge completed and what is has taught me is any goal requires determination and dedicated people to come on the journey with you. Thank you Ali and the TT Program!


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