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Soma Shed 17 Pounds of Fat With TT and Got Ripped





198 lbs.

181 lbs.


40 inches

33.5 inches

I have always wanted to have a great physique with six-pack but it was like an unachievable dream for me.

3 months ago a journey began and I started working towards my goals with the help of a professional personal trainer called David. He was really helpful and assisted me to go through the hardest parts even when my motivation was down.

My initial goals were to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. He told me it is possible if I train as he says. I could not believe that it is possible but I heard good news about a workout plan so I thought I would try it out!

He introduced an amazing training programme to me which is the Turbulence Training method. This one is very exciting and always sets new challenges for me so I never get bored with it. Finally, I found the workout plan which does not take hours to complete and I cannot have the excuse to not do it as everyone has about 30 minutes free time every day.

Actually I did not feel tired after the workouts I just felt that afterwards my body and my mind got refreshed and felt like I have just been reborn!

After all these positive effects I decided to devote a few more years to this programme as I realized that this is the ultimate workout for me that works eventually! I have lost almost 20 pounds during the 12 weeks and my waistline decreased by 5.5 inches! It was incredible!

These results were just the beginning of a wonderful journey that I have just started with David who guided and motivated me to achieve all of this! My future goal is to stick to this workout plan and reach the body fat % that I have been longing for all my life!

Keep up the good work Craig, I will keep it up too, thanks for a brilliant system!



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