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"74 Years Young Personal Trainer Shows You Are NEVER Too Old to Exercise, Losing 6 Pounds and Went From a Size 6 to Size 4 in Just 12 Weeks with Turbulence Training"

"I started this challenge because I want to let people know that age should not be a barrier to getting into great shape.

Turbulence Training has been my choice of training this past year. As a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at the YMCA. I have used it almost exclusively to train Clients and in my classes.

Why do I use Turbulence Training? Because I get incredible results. Some of my Clients and class participants have lost like 20lbs. 15lbs 17lbs 11lbx and this weight and inches loss is ongoing. Very Rewarding.

However, I have had to educate all, on the importance of good nutritional practice. Without it, you can exercise all you want, the results just won't

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 66 and although I was very ill for a year, foremost in my mind, was to get back on my feet and regain my prior state of fitness and health.

Dr.told my husband, fact that I was in such good physical condition is what enabled me survive the ordeal. I was fed intervaneously through a pic-line in my chest, for 14hrs. every night for 6 months.Weight plummeted from 135lbs to 90lbs in 7 weeks.

Long story short, here I am healthy and fit again. Use your adversities to your advantage to help overcome any obstacles that get in the way and be the best you can be, physically and mentally.

One of my Male Clients told me once,"As a trainer, you are the best kept secret in town". So Craig, a big thank you for giving me/us all the tools we need to achieve our goals. Thank you also to all who gave me so much encouragement on the forum. See you all next Challenge. I lost 6lbs. from 120 to 114 and 2 sizes from size 6 to size 4."


"Busy Dad Loses 4 Inches and 10 Pounds in 12 Weeks...Reaching
Lightest Weight in 6 Years!"

"12 weeks have past. I can honestly say that I was not as committed to this in the beginning as I am now. When I first started it was more along the lines of just signing up to give me a push though I had no real expectations about what was going to happen. I knew I would lose weight, but I wasn’t as committed as I probably should have.

Fast forward to now. I have learned what it takes to lose weight. I have begun to create rituals around going to the gym, and watching what I eat. I am seeing the true power of social support from everyone on the forums and threads here. It really does make a difference.

I may not have accomplished all my goals I set out to do, but I did cross a very large barrier in my life. I am officially the lightest I have been since my wife and I met almost 6 yrs ago! For this I am thankful, and proud and happy to see such results in such a short period of time.

I completed the intermediate, advanced and finally the 2K3 workouts for this challenge.

In only 12 short weeks I was able to go from 227lbs to 217lbs, a 10lb difference. I also lost 4 inches off my waist. When I started to work out I was lifting at most 10kg Dumbbells, today I am lifting 18s in free weights and 55s on the machines. I can do a full workout and still have energy now, compared to having to have longer rest when I first began.

This leg of the journey comes to a close today, but I am far from finished. I look forward to the future changes I am able to achieve through the TT lifestyle and with this new mentality I have now."


"Eva Loses Over 13 Pounds of Fat With Turbulence Training, Even Though She Exercises 10 Times Less Than When She Was Dancing Full Time!"

"I have been dancing for 15 years, and no matter what I tried I could never get as thin as I wanted. I was on the verge of getting an eating disorder. Because of a back injury I had to stop dancing, and my body swelled up and I got bigger than I had ever been before.

I thought I would always have to be bigger, because there was no way I could stay as active as I had when dancing, and I felt horrible about it. But then I stumbled across Turbulence Training on the internet.

With only 3 short workouts a week I have been able to achieve greater results than I did when working out 40-45 hours a week! Not only have I lost the excess weight I gained; I am even leaner than before, and a lot

For instance, I couldn’t do a single good push up, now I can do well over 20 with good form, forehead touching the floor every time.

Thanks to the support in the tt forums I have even been able to curb my candy cravings; for over a month I didn’t put any sweets of any kind into my mouth.

I started the contest by doing the TT workouts and bodyweight interval training and I swam once or twice a week. I followed Isabel de Los Rios 6 week diet plan.

After only 4,5 weeks I got ill with a high fever and it took about a month before I was well again. During those weeks I had an ear infection that led to a ruptured ear drum, and after that streptococcus, I needed two penicillin cures to get well.

I never went back to the exact diet I had before after this, and didn’t exercise as much as I had hoped, and I hardly did any interval training, my throat just couldn’t take it.

A wonderful thing about the TT workouts is that they are very easy to adapt, so I was able to get some workout in even when I was feeling sick simply by cutting down on the weights, reps or number of sets I did.

After I was sick I used the same principles when eating that I learned from "The Diet Solution", but I also used Brad Pilons" Eat stop Eat". Thanks to fasting I could allow myself to have a cup of hot chocolate in the evenings from time to time, and when I was at dinner parties I could eat what I was served, and not have to worry about it like I had before, and I was still losing weight!

In the end I almost reached all my goals, despite of being ill for over 1/3 of the contest, I can’t even imagine what my results would be like had I been well all those weeks!

I have learned so much theses past few months with Turbulence Training, not only about exercise and nutrition, but also about my self, about goal setting, accountability, planning and a lot more.

What I am most grateful for though is that the strength I’m gaining through the TT-workouts gives relief to my back, and the pain is almost gone. My back is doing better than it has in 3 years! This contest might have ended, but for me it is just the beginning!

I want to thank Craig Ballantyne, Isabel de los Rios (the diet solution) and Brad Pilon (Eat stop Eat). It is thanks to their hard work and the knowledge that they share so willingly that I am where I am today. Thank you so much.

Exercise programs used:
TT for fat loss (intermediate)
TT home abdominal workout (intermediate)
DB-BW fusion (2007) level 1 interval circuit workouts
6 min abs

The Diet Solution (Isabel De Los Rios)
Eat stop Eat (Brad Pilon)

Age: 20
Hight: 1,74 m (5'8")

Chest: 74cm, -2cm goal: 74cm (29" -0.8")
Waist: 64.5cm, -4.5cm goal: 62cm (25" -1.8")
Hips (10 cm below navel): 86cm, -6cm goal: 85cm (33,9" -2.4")
Hips (widest): 97.5cm, -6.5cm goal: 95cm (38,4" -2.6")
Thigh: 58cm, -4cm goal: 57cm (22,8" -1,6")
Above knee: 40cm, -2.5cm goal: 40cm (15,7" -1")
Calf: 36cm, -1cm goal: 36cm (-14,2" -0.4")
Upper arm: 28cm, -1cm goal: 27cm (11" -0.4")

Weight 135.8 lbs, -13.6lbs goal: 135
Body fat: 21,50% -5.74% goal: 21%


"Muscle Building, Fat Burning Success Story: He Lost 11 Pounds
While Boosting His Bench By 30 Pounds in 12 Weeks"

I have to start my essay by saying thank you, to Craig for sharing Turbulence Training with us. You could have easily kept this program to yourself and made big bucks being a celebrity trainer. Thank you to my fellow members of TTmembers.com. It truly is the best fitness support forum on the web.

My transformation was made using turbulence in every aspect! The workouts were very intense, but fun at the same time. I can’t tell you how many times I went to bed looking forward to my 5am workout the next day. I would have my workout gear laid out and ready to go and my morning shake ingredients waiting in the kitchen to shake and go.

This contest was such a good thing to me b/c it finally gave me a hard dated goal to work towards. I’ve been wasting time in the gym for a little over 3 years now just doing whatever new program I came across. I finally feel like I can trust the program. Now I had days where I didn’t feel like things were progressing as fast as I wanted them to but I decided that I was going to stick to the program. I knew it was the right thing to do, but it didn’t fully sink in until I did my side-by-side photo comparison today. I finally know that I have the program that is going to help me accomplish my goals.

With the help of TT, I lost 11lbs and I look and feel better than I have in over 2 years. I also lost 2 inches from my chest, 3.5 inches from my stomach, and 2 inches from my hips. Last but not least I’ve set personal strength records in several lifts. My bench is up over 30lbs and my squat went up almost 40lbs.

"Francis Gets SHREDDED and 6-Pack Abs By Slashing His Body Fat
by 4.5% in Only 12 Weeks"

At first I was a little hesitant about posting my picture on the internet. But now I don't think it was so bad. TC3 is not officially over and I'm already looking forward to TC4.

I really had a lot of fun doing this transformation. It was exactly what I needed to get over the "last 5 lbs."

Weight 135
Chest 34"
Waist 30.5"
Thigh 19"
Calf 13"
Bicep 12"
BF 14.8% (taken with scale)

Weight 130
Chest 34.5"
Waist 28.5"
Thigh 19.75"
Calf 13.5"
Bicep 12.5"
BF 10.3% (taken with scale)

Weight 135____130
BF_____14.8%__10.3% (taken with scale)
From my first workout I knew that TT would be fun. Just as you start getting use to the routine it's time to change. That kept the workout new and fresh.

I've met and exceeded my goals. So where do I go from here? I'll continue with the TT way of working out. Definitely will have to keep my nutrition in check because during these last 84 days I've found out that this was the key
for me.

Not only have I changed physically but also mentally. I know look at working out as part of my life. The same can be said about I eat. I'm not saying I won't give myself a treat. But I'll surely watch the portions.

TT was also a way to meet a lot of wonderful people. It was really great getting to know you all. Finally a group of people with the same goals and thoughts. It sure was great having that positive reinforcement. So to all TT members I must tell you thank-you.

Also a big thank you to family for putting up with 12 weeks of good eating. I know my kids have adopted some of my eating practice. Veggies are served with almost every meal and the kids are having their share.

And of course I must thank the inventor of TT. Craig you've changed so many people and now you can add me to your list. Thank-you!!!


"TT Skeptic Overcomes Eating Challenges With The TT Contest to Lose 8.75 Pounds of Fat, 4.25 Inches from Her Hips, 2 Inches from Her Thighs, and 11.3% Body Fat!"

I discovered TT purely by accident while researching interval training on youtube.com. I saw a video of Craig and became intrigued with his TT philosophy.

I was skeptical but ordered the program anyway and I will never look back. I’m on my way to a great body but most importantly a healthy image and view of myself. The amount of change these last 84 days have brought cannot begin to be described in 300 words.

I joined the transformation contest hoping for very little. I tried a weight loss program in the past and definitely lost weight but it was completely unrealistic and not something I could ever stick with. Why would TT work any better? I was skeptical but the contest posed a challenge and who doesn’t love a good challenge!?

I took my before picture and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. How did I ever let myself go? Don’t get me wrong…by no means was I ever obese or anything along that line but what I saw was years of problems and pain that eating really helped me through.

My relationship with food quickly became my first challenge. It was a long, confusing and frustrating road but I have battled most of the demons.

My workouts were another interesting issue. Never had I found a program that would keep me interested longer than 2 weeks. It was always too boring or too cumbersome and definitely too demanding of my time.

TT is a challenge but boy is it fun! The first day of a new workout always made me giggle when I’d fall off the ball or have to re-arrange the entire gym to suit my superset needs. I have yet to miss a workout.

Finally, the last day has come. I have a new outlook on my life as a whole and view of my body. I couldn’t believe the after photo. I knew I had changed but I had no idea how much! I have learned so much about myself.

There are no boundaries and no limits to what I can accomplish and this is only the beginning! I have no more excuses, only motivation. As mentioned earlier…I joined the contest and the TT lifestyle hoping for very little but received more than I could have imagined!

Date: 09/03/2008
126.75 lbs
Neck: 11.5in
Bicep: 9.25in
Forearm: 8in
Chest: 35in
Waist: 30in
Hips: 37.25in
Thigh: 18.5in
Calf: 13.25in
Date: 11/25/2008
118 lbs
Neck: 11in
Bicep: 8in
Forearm: 7.5in
Chest: 31.75in
Waist: 26in
Hips: 33in
Thigh: 16.5in

Total weight loss: 8.75 lbs
Total inch loss: 19.5in
Body Fat % before: 29.5%
Body Fat % after: 18.2%

On a side note...This short essay is only scratching the tip of the iceberg but I want to thank Craig for putting this together for all of us. It’s simple, quick and fun. We are all living proof that it works! This is the one and only program for me. Good luck to everyone and see you at the next challenge."


"Alan Overcomes Injury to Lose 10 Pounds and Looks Better Than Most Men Half His Age!"

A journey starts with its first step. That was easy. I fell in love with Serena in days and proposed to her in 4. Yeh we have ups and downs like anyone else, but she is my rock, my friend, my everything….

As a child I had a great upbringing, my parents were amazing, the problem I had was the food. There was always too much and I ate it, all of it and more. I did have some set backs along the way. At 12 I broke my hip joint and was signed off from sport at school for over two years (how different physio now is?). That really helped put the pounds on, but then I had no one to say NO to me.

At 16 I had a back operation, which left a hole in the base of my spine where I could fit my fist, very unsightly then, but damn difficult to do sit ups with, no flesh to help stop the bruising. I left school at 16, 36 - 8” waist and 232lbs or thereabouts.

Believe me, I have done sit-ups and all other manner of exercises, but had never managed to get good tone all over.

The next step (jumped a few here), was seeing Serena on the TT website, and it is all down to her that I entered the contest. 12 weeks later I have gone down the path of discovery, I can eat clean; it just needs a little more attention to detail! I can now believe in what I can achieve and have done so with new likeminded friends on TT and I thank each and every one of you for the help, guidance and support you have offered me. I lost 10lbs but gained so much more...


"Anna Fits Into Size 5 Jeans After Losing 12 Pounds and 5.6% Body Fat in Just 12 Weeks!"

Joining TT was one of the best decisions I had ever done in my life with regards to realizing the body of my dreams and taking control of my health.
I have learned so much from this valuable and priceless experience. I learned that I don’t have to spend countless hours at the gym and on the cardio machine to get results. I was also able to eat the right kind of foods at the right amount more consistently than ever before.

If you knew me personally, I’m like a kid in a toy or candy store when I dine out. I see everything as something I just have to have and not have a care in the world about what it’s doing to my body.

However, because I had to be accountable to my fellow TT members (who gave me lots and lots of support as well), I was able to keep this at a minimum. Of course, I had my “bad” days but I always re-committed to my goals and jumped right back in.

I also had the help of ESE along the way which sometimes compensates for my bad food choices. Although I ended up averaging about 1,600 calories per day, there is still room for improvement in terms of food choices.

So far, I have lost 5.6% body fat and 12 lbs. of body weight. Of these 12 lbs, 80% of the weight that I lost was from body fat. I’m also now at ease with wearing size 5 jeans even when sitting I’m sitting down!

Who knew that intense workouts and proper nutrition were the answers to my long time dilemma of the flabby belly?! These days when many experts and diet pills seem to come up with never ending scientific claims, it can be difficult to weed out the gimmicks from what works. One thing is for sure though: I would never fall for another diet gimmick again!

Start: September 2, 2008
End: November 25, 2008

The first numbers are my beginning stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs, 118 lbs
Body fat: 25.1% , 19.5%
Chest: 35 1/2", 34 1⁄4”
Upper Arm: 10 2/10", 10”
Waist (smallest part): 32 1/2", 29”
Belly Button: 34 1/4", 31”
Hips: 39 1/2", 37 1⁄4”
Thigh: 22", 21”


Weight: -12 lbs.
Body Fat: -5.6%
Chest: -1 1⁄4”
Upper Arm: 2/10”
Waist: 3 1⁄2”
Belly Button: 3 1⁄4”
Hips: 2 1⁄4”
Thigh: 1”


"Shannon Loses Her Last 10 Pounds and 3 Inches From Her
Hips...Now Folks Think She and Her 16-Year Old Daughter Are Sisters!"

“Weight loss”, “Body fat”, “Water Retention” and the word “Diet” Are we sick of hearing these words yet? I know I was and that is why I finally said enough! What a vicious cycle it is. I have tried many different meal plans, diet pills, the “cabbage soup diet” and the list goes on.

Sometimes there would be some improvement, but it never seemed to last and the program or diet was way too hard to keep up with for one reason or another.

I have been a gym member for 9 years and before that I had a Universal at home. I exercised but it never helped me lose body fat or slimmed down my mid-section much. My legs have always been strong and I have been doing cardio it seems like forever!

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across Turbulence Training.com, but I am sure glad that I found it and I know that from now on I will be doing these types of workouts at the gym and at home.

For almost a year now I have learned quite a few new exercises, gained quite a bit of knowledge and gained so much upper body strength, I still can’t believe some of the advanced “stuff” that I am doing each day! (ask me about the “Super Dan” move!)

The order of programs used:

1. TT BW-DB Fusion Supersets for Fat Loss
2. TT for Amazing Abs
3. TT Body Sculpting for Women (with 3 min. arms in there)
4. TT Circuit Workouts

I am 5’4&1/2”

Start weight: 131 lbs Down 11bs End weight: 120

Chest: 36.5” Down 1.5” Chest: 35”
Waist: 29.5” Down 1.5” Waist: 28”
Hips: 36” Down 3” Hips: 33”
R.Thigh: 19” No change Thigh: 19”

(Since January till now I have lost 4.5” off my chest, 4.5 off my waist and 4 from my hips)

I have gained an amazing amount of strength from doing all of those push ups and have also developed a kind of sick love for Bulgarian Split Squats!!

Like I said above, I have always exercised but never really saw results.

This last 10 lbs was the most challenging, as I have heard that it is. I think I hit a plateau and nothing changed for a while until TT! And then I kept saying to myself, “Abs are made in the kitchen” and being the Chocoholic that I am, it was quite a challenge, trust me!

I own a gift basket business and there is always something chocolate around here to eat!! I also told myself that “You don’t like chocolate” and eventually I think that worked also!

I am 40 years old and I have had 2 children, 16 and 11, and I feel fantastic!!!

I am now at the same weight as I was in my early 20’s and loving it!! It’s a great feeling when your sons friends come to the door and ask him “Is that your Mom or your sister?” LOL

Thanks Craig!

Ps: I have been doing EatStopEat since January of this year!! I love it! I like not having to think about food for that whole day! So easy, I will probably be doing this for a long time to come too!

I can now eat pretty much whatever I want!! Thanks Brad!"


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