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"Tabitha Finally Loses 8.6 Pounds of Belly Fat And Experiences the Incredible Shrinking Butt By Losing Over 4 Inches From Her Waist, 2.5 Inches From Her Hips, and 3.5 Inches From Her Butt "

What an amazing journey!

I am a 39 year old stay at home mom of three beautiful girls whom were all delivered by c-section. I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight after each baby but my body just wasn’t the same. I had stubborn belly fat that would not budge. I ran, did aerobics, Buns and Abs of Steel...you name it. Still, my belly fat hung on for dear life and would not let go.

My husband got me started with some resistance training and at first I resisted! I was afraid of bulking up and just didn’t see the point. He came across Turbulence Training earlier this year and wanted us to try the program. The name alone sounded intimidating to me but I wanted to support my husband and decided to give it a try. To my surprise I found the workouts to be fun! I loved the fact that they changed every 4 weeks and were never boring. I was hooked!

We were really just starting when the 2nd Turbulence Training contest began. So, when the 3rd contest was announced I was eager for my husband and I to sign up. We were enjoying the workouts and thought it would be a great way to take things to the next level.

I knew I could lose weight, but never dreamed I could look this good! With Turbulence Training I finally lost my belly fat! I honestly did not think it was possible. How wrong I was. I was in size 8 in all my clothes earlier this year. Now I am in all size 4! With the resistance training, interval training and nutrition I learned from Turbulence Training, I was able to lose 4.25” from my waist. I gained muscle, got stronger, did my first chin-up and can now do close to 50 pushups!

Age :39
Height : 5'5"


Start 9-01-08
weight 133.2lbs
arm - 11.5"
chest (under arms) - 33"
upper abs - 29"
waist at belly button - 31.25"
hips - 33.5"
buttocks - 36.75"
thigh - 20.75"

Finish 11-23-08
weight 124.6 lbs = 8.6 lbs lost
arm - 10.5" = 1" lost
chest - 32" = 1" lost
upper abs - 27.5" = 1.5" lost
waist = 27" = 4.25" lost
hips - 31" = 2.5" lost
buttocks - 33.25" = 3.5" lost
thigh - 19.75" = 1" lost

On a daily basis I am blown away by the compliments I receive. Everywhere I go, I have women my age and even younger asking me what I have done to get in such great shape. I am so humbled by this and welcome the opportunity to share my Turbulence Training story with them.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned from Turbulence Training is the no sit-ups ab workouts. I can’t tell you how many sit-ups I’ve done over the years never getting even close to the results I’ve achieved with Turbulence Training all without one sit-up!

It has been such a joy to participate in this contest with my husband, Tom. It actually brought us even closer in our marriage because we had the same focus and goal. We supported, were accountable and cheered one another.

I’ve had people ask me if the workouts are hard. I want to tell them that they are easy. But you know what? They are hard. It took me years to get out of shape and I could not undo that overnight. It did take hard work! I look forward to continuing improving my body with the resistance training,
interval training and nutrition that I have learned from Turbulence Training.
I am so grateful to Craig for creating such an incredible program. And I am very thankful to my new friends for the support I received on the TT forums.
This contest has been an essential stepping stone in my quest for fitness. I am now so excited about the future and I simply cannot wait!

Tabitha Bynum

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