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Dave Drops 23 Pounds and Over 4 Inches of Belly Fat With Hardcore Turbulence Training - And Now Looks Like a Warrior from the 300 Movie

Three months ago I found myself at the heaviest I’d been in ten years. Even though I worked out and ate right, most of the time, I couldn’t seem to keep the weight off. I made a decision that I was going to lose the fat no matter what. I owned the Turbulence Training manual but never really put it to full use until I received Craig’s email on August 29, 2009 announcing the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest #6.

I voted in the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and was inspired by the people and their results. As I read the essays I contemplated entering a contest myself so when I received the email announcing contest #6, I entered the next day. Not long after starting the contest I received an email with the following inspirational quotes:

When we set specific and inspiring goals with a timeline and deadline, we discover that this immediately focuses our energy and improves our clarity.
And, in turn, this increases our motivation and propels us into action, doing the work that needs to be done to arrive at our predetermined destination.

Like boats without a rudder, people with no specific and inspiring goals drift through life.

These quotes captured the essence of why I decided to enter the Turbulence Training Transformation contest – I needed a timeline and deadline. I had failed in the recent past because I didn’t have a timeline or a definite deadline. My goal became to finish the contest by following three Turbulence Training workouts exactly as written and sticking to a healthy diet for twelve weeks. This is something I had failed to do over the last four years of trying to transform my body.

I started my training with the TT Big 5 Fat Loss workout. After four weeks I moved to the TT 30-Day for Maximum Fat Loss workout, and ended with the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout. I had tried the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout in the past and knew it was hard. I put it last so when the time came I would be ready to blast through it instead of struggling as I had in my previous attempts.

For my diet I followed a calorie/carb rotation plan. The core of my program was Brad Pilon’s “Eat Stop Eat”. I used fast days as the start of my low calorie/low carb cycle. I had two fast days and two high calorie/high carb days per week. The other days were moderate calories/moderate carbs. All my meals consisted of lean protein and vegetables. I added fruit on the
moderate calories/moderate carb days. On high calorie/high carb days I added brown rice, sweat potatoes and/or oatmeal. I also gave up sugar, dairy and wheat during the twelve weeks including my high calorie/high carb days. In the past I tried supplements such as fat burners but this time I decided to skip the supplements.

I had two surprises during the 12-week contest. My main objective was to lose fat so I picked TT workouts with that in mind. Yet, I was surprised at how much strength I gained. In the past I have done workouts focused on gaining strength but I had never been able to bench press 85 pound dumbbells without help from a spotter. By the time I got to the TT Hardcore Fat Loss workout in the last four weeks I was able to bench 85 pound dumbbells without any help. I even tried 90 pound dumbbells on my last workout.

The other surprise was how my thinking changed about warm-ups. Every TT workout has the following rules:

Never skip a warm-up.

If you are limited by time, reduce the number of sets in the workout, but always perform the regular warm-up.

Since my goal was to follow the TT workouts to “the letter” I adhered faithfully to the warm-up rules even though in the past I would have cut the warm-ups short or eliminated them completely. I used to believe that warm-ups would only tire me out and reduce my performance on the “real” sets. This was especially true when I started the TT Big 5 Fat Loss workout because the bodyweight warm-up alone almost killed me the first time I did it. But I stuck to the rules and my thinking began to change as I realized the warm-ups were a key part of the workout. They not only primed my body so I could perform the “real” sets but more importantly they kept me from getting injured. So many times in the past I would push myself without doing an adequate warm-up and end up with a nagging injury that would hamper my workouts. Injuries were one reason I failed numerous transformation attempts in the past

I achieved the following results:

Started Monday August 31, 2009
Age: 48
Height – 6’2”
Weight – 208 pounds
Waist – 38 inches
Across belly button – 39 1⁄2 inches
Bicep flexed – 16 inches
Chest – 42 1⁄2 inches
Quad – 25 inches

Ended Sunday November 22, 2009
Weight – 185 pounds (lost 23 pounds)
Waist – 34 inches (lost 4 inches)
Across belly button – 35 inches
Bicep flexed – 16 inches
Chest – 42 inches
Quad – 25 inches

I can’t thank Craig enough for his TT workouts and for sponsoring his transformation contests. It was this contest and following the workouts exactly as written along with a healthy diet that were the keys to my transformation. I now find myself at the leanest I’ve been in ten years.


Dave Suvak

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