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Tatjana Is In The BEST Shape of Her Adult Life After Her 12-Week TT Transformation!

Turbulence training workouts are the best thing that happened to me! Not only they have helped me through my years long weight-loss plateau but now I’m at my lowest weight and the best shape in my whole adult life!

When I was a child I was always overweight and in first year of high school I reached highest weight of 85 kg (187 lb) at 170 cm (5’7”). I lost 20 kg (44 lb) with rigorous diet, but almost no exercise. They never came back, but I struggled to lose remaining weight for next 20 years.

I tried every diet under the sun just to lose few pounds and to gain them back after few months. I was never into sports but just before I turned 30, I decided to get of couch and started running. Now I’m 35 years old and since then, I have run several half marathons (my best time is 1:47) and three marathons (my best time is 3:59), but my weight still remained almost the same. I run a lot, but my body had changed only a little. Basically I was still at least 10 lb overweight.

Since my daughter was born two years ago, I was able to lose 10 kg (22 lb) of fat that I gained during pregnancy, but again I was stuck with the weight that I had before. Now I don't have much free time and running more is no longer an option. Still I wanted to lose excess weight and reshape my body.

Not only to look better, but to improve my half-marathon and marathon times. It is easier to run faster, if you are a little bit lighter. I was looking for something that I can do at home, while my daughter is still sleeping. First I tried exercise videos from Jillian Michaels. They were helpful, but after a while I got bored with doing same routine day after day.

I searched the internet for new workouts and discovered Craig Ballantyne’s channel on YouTube and www.turbulencetraining.com web page. It was eye opening moment! This program was made exactly for people as I’m. I was doing hours of running with almost no results for years. I don’t have time to work-out for hours each day, nor can I afford going to the gym or buy some fancy equipment. I don’t want to do another crazy diet again just to crave food I’m not supposed to eat and to gain weight back again.

I have contacted Craig Ballantyne on Facebook and with his recommendation I have purchased "TT Bodyweight Cardio 3" and started doing it three times per week. The workouts were challenging, but also fun. The best thing is that you don't need much space (I can do it in my small living room) and little equipment (just pair of dumbbells and a stability ball).

After four weeks I switched to combination of "TT Bodyweight cardio 2008 workout B" and "TT Bodyweight cardio v 2.0 workout B", which I have done for next two weeks, even when we were on vacation. And for last two weeks I have done "August 2010 DB Depletion" workouts.

I have entered transformation contest when it was already four weeks in, but in spite of that I had great experience. During these 8 weeks of my transformation journey I have learned several lessons:

1. Use KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid) approach with your diet. Stick to basic and eat healthy, high-fiber, low-sugar, unprocessed, whole foods, such as lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

2. You cannot out train a bad diet. Even if you are eating healthy, you can eat too much. I was using my marathon training as an excuse to eat more than my body needed. Portion control and a food journal were keys to my success.

3. You can get better results with less, but smarter training. Turbulence training workouts are short and have not just helped me to lose weight but have also improved my performance in running while I’m running less then ever before. Now I have more power and energy. Before I had constant problems with my left hamstring and piriformis pain, and now they stopped
hurting me.

4. Support from your family and friends is important. I’m doing this for myself, but it was much easier when you have someone cheering you along. Support from my boyfriend, reading posts on ttmembers.com and articles on ttfatloss.com provided me with additional motivation.

I'm determined to continue with Turbulence training workouts. They are short but effective. Not only they have helped me to lose weight, but also improved my performance in running. Craig, thank you!

Here are my statistics:
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)

June 28th, 2010
Weight: 63,2 kg (139 lb)
% BF: 24,4 % (according to my bathroom scale)
Waist at belly button: 79 cm (31,1”)
Waist on hip bone: 86 cm (33,9”)
Hips: 100,5 cm (39,6”)
Thighs at widest point (L/R): 59,5 / 59 cm (23,2” / 23,2”)
Thigh at middle (L/R): 52 / 52 cm (20,5” / 20,5”)

August 22th, 2010
Weight: 59,9 kg (131,8 lb) ... - 3,4 kg (-7,2 lb)
% BF: 22,1 % ... -2,3 %
Waist at belly button: 74 cm (29,1") ... - 5 cm (-2")
Waist on hip bone: 84 cm (33,1”) ... -2 cm (-0,8”)
Hips: 97 cm (38,2”) ... - 3,5 cm (-1,4”)
Thighs at widest point (L/R): 54 / 54 cm (21,2" /21,2") ... - 5,5 / 5 cm (-
Thigh at middle (L/R): 50 / 50 cm (19,7"/19,7") ... -2 / -2 cm (-0,8"/-0,8")


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