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Melody Loses Her Love Handles in Only 5 Weeks...and Bought Her First Bikini in Over a Decade

I cant believe the changes on my body in 5 weeks! I started Turbulence Training at the end of May and decided to enter the 8th Transformation contest. For my before pictures I had to hunt and hunt for the only 2 piece swimsuit I owned, it was years old, as I no longer wore a two-piece anywhere. BUT thanks to TT I just bought my first real bikini in more than a decade- and I feel great in it!

Four years ago I turned 40 without too much fanfare. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was now a ‘middle aged’ woman. One day this year I woke-up and I took a long at myself in the mirror -at my now jigglly belly that wanted to hang over my jeans and my assets that were heading South, East, & West all at the same time. And worse than that, I had almost no energy and felt bad the majority of the time. I realized I needed to make some changes if I wanted to enjoy my life again.

I have never been much of a dieter, but I realized I needed to get processed food - especially sugar out of my diet. The problem was even though I knew what to do, I did not really have a plan. I also knew I needed to be exercising- regularly. Though I have always loved to workout, I have had a real problem with consistency in the last few years -especially since making the switch from ‘stay at home mom’ to the time demands of holding a job and getting out the door early in the mornings.

I ran across an add for Turbulence Training and decided to give it a try. I downloaded the manuals and started to read. One of the first things I learned from Craig was, “If you are going to accomplish anything -including loosing weight- you must set goals.” So I set out to write some goals - I thought I would make them reasonable and attainable for a 44 year old.

I posted an introduction at the forum and stated my age and that I planed to be realistic- that I knew I was in my mid-40s, I couldn’t weigh what I did/ expect results like I had in my 30’s ect. and I would set my goals to reflect that. THEN came a reply from another TT member and she said that she was 45 and thanks to TT she was in the best shape of her life - actually better than she was in her 20’s and 30’s!!! Well that blew all my excuses out of the water and it challenged me!

I remembered re-reading in Craig’s goal article, he said, “DON’T set your goal so low they don’t really mean anything to you! Go for the gold- what do you really want?” I thought -I want to be in the best shape of my life- but not just on the outside -inside and out! I knew it would be hard work- but I also was beginning to believe with Turbulence Training I could do it!!!!

The forums have been such a great help to me. Being able to keep a journal and knowing others are reading it gives me the accountability I need to stay consistent with my workouts and with my eating. Reading the other contestants journals inspires me to stay on track also.

There are other things that I knew to do, but was never able to implement until I started TT. I have started to plan my meals in advance, make sure I shop ahead of time and have the right foods in the house, or with me when I go out. I am journaling my foods and keeping up with my calories. These are all things I am still working on becoming consistent with. My eating has not been perfect for sure, I have given into temptations a few times -BUT as I make these mistakes I am determined to learn from them -and to get past them - not to let them stop me. I am working toward lifestyle changes that will include consistency.

Diet may be important to fat loss- but I have to workout to see results. I LOVE the TT workouts!!!! I have worked out at home off and on for years using workout videos -but I just couldn’t seem to get into them anymore. I LOVE having my workouts on paper so instead of watching someone else’s form I am able to really focus on my own form. And I love being able to use MY choice of music. I was NOT one of those former cardio lovers -but I LOVE the TT Intervals. They go by so quick -yet they are so very effective! I have also made some strength gains - I now do all of my push-ups on my toes and I can do 1 1⁄2 chin-ups!

I started with the Intermediate Turbulence Training for Fat Loss which I really enjoyed and have now moved on to Booty 4 Wife to help shape up my largest assets. I have a 20 year wedding anniversary coming up in August and I thought the results might make a nice gift for my husband -though it wont be much of a surprise because he is already noticing the changes! I love the definition I am already seeing after only 5 weeks in my arms and my waist. My love handles are shrinking and all of my pants & shorts are looser in the thighs and butt !!!!I

I feel like a winner every time I look in the mirror and see my body transforming. I now believe its not about what age I am but how well I am taking care of myself by eating right and working out regularly. I no longer feel like a middle aged woman -I feel like a woman with a new lease on life! I have not reached my goals yet but I cant wait for the end of the 12 weeks to see how close I am to being in the best shape of my life!!!!!

Melody AKA Evergreen

Height 5' 7"

Weight 170 lbs
Chest 40”
lower abs 36”
waist 32“
hips 39”
thighs 24”

After 5 weeks:
Weight 166 lbs
chest 37”
lower abs 35”
waist 30.5”
hips 38.5”
thighs 24”

So - 4 lbs lost and 6 inches of fat loss!!! WHOOP!!!

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