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Robyn Sets a TT Fat Loss Record and Loses Over 34 Pounds in 12 Weeks While 9.5 Inches from Her Waist, 5.75 Inches from Her Hips, and 5 Inches from Each Thigh!

Hello. My name is Robyn. I am a 41 year old female whose past 12 weeks have certainly had a turbulence transformation on my life.

Just 12 weeks ago, I was overweight, unfit, unhealthy, lethagic, smoking, depressed because of it all, and yet only contemplating doing something about it, but that seemed like too much effort.

Then a work collegue told me about the Turbulence Training Contest that he had just completed, and said how all it involved was healthy eating, three 45 minute workouts per week, half an hour of lighter activities on the alternating days, and the other day is one of complete rest. That simple.

And the results were evident with him. He had lost over 30lbs, toned up really well, and looked very healthy. In the past I have tried gym programs that worked to a point, but they were all so time consuming and costly and the results took a long time to show forth.

Now here I was at the age of 41 and heading for exhaustion as it was, so didn't need anything more to take away from my time or energy. So his testimony was enough to inspire me to see if it really worked like he said it did.

To tell you the truth, I'd really had enough of trying to tie up my shoe laces without gasping for air, having no energy, and being overweight to the point where I had become anti-social and a little depressed, not even wanting to visit old time friends, go out socially or even to church meetings, or even visit relatives.

I began the contest on Sunday 18th January, 2009, and haven't looked back since. The workouts were easy to follow, although I took a little longer to complete them at first.

But since all I really needed were some weights, an exercize bike, and a stability ball, I didn't need to go to the gym and that saved time and money for a start.

Because of my lack of fitness, I was only doing a workout about every 3 or 4 days during the first few weeks. Then it became more frequent as the strength came back to my body. The workout programs I did were:

TT Beginner Level Workout - about 3 weeks
TT Intermediate Level Workout - almost 5 weeks
TT Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks Workout - about 4 weeks

I also did a few extra abdominal workouts which were offered on the web site, and a bit more High Intensity Interval Training towards the end, (even skipping!), because I now had the energy to do so, and in reality, I looked forward to the 'natural high' of working out.

The eating plan I basically stuck to was simple. I just ate clean, fresh, unprocessed foods, and increased my water consumption, just like they suggested.

All that was actually my priority at first, since my 'diet' had been made up
of pizza, pasta, processed foods, icecream, chocolate, salt, sugar, well,
you get the idea.

And Craig also stresses that it's so important to eat healthy food, so, I trusted him with that and with the workout programs. And never before have I seen any program work so effectively and simply.


I even did have a number of cheat meals in the beginning, but ended up loving fresh natural food so much that it's become a natural life-style change for me.

About half way through I discovered that the forums were great to get involved in. The other members were so supportive and encouraging, and any question or concern I had, they were right with me. At one stage, I remember gasping for air whilst being on the exercize bike, and said to myself, 'That's it! I'm giving up smoking, for good!'

I posted a plee for help on one of the forums, and received several replies with information, tips, encouragement, and support. And as a result, I KNOW that after 25 years of smoking, I have definately given up for good!!!

The other tranformations for me have been:

A clearer more radiant complexion.

The disappearing of the loose flab at the front of my arms/shoulders and my triceps in particular.

The disappearance of the hump at the back of my neck.

The disappearance of the pain in my right hip.

Easy breathing.

Clearer thinking.

More energy.

No more depression.

A love for fresh unprocessed food.

And of course the change in my body weight and measurements as follows:

Day 1 - Sunday 18th January, 2009.
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 146.4lbs
Hips - 38"
Waist - 33.5"
Left Thigh - 24.5"
Right Thigh - 25"
Thighs - 40"
Chest - 39"
Left Bicep - 11.25"
Right Bicep - 11.25"
Left Bicep Flexed - 12.25"
Right Bicep Flexed - 12.5"
Left Calf - 14.5"
Right Calf - 14.75"
Left Above Knee - 16.6"
Right Above Knee - 16.5"
Butt - (Forgot to measure, but measurement on 10th of March was 37.5")

Day 84 - Saturday 11th April, 2009.
Weight - 111.8lbs - 34.6lbs
Hips - 32.25" - 5.75"
Waist - 24" - 9.5"
Left Thigh - 19.5" - 5"
Right Thigh - 20.5" - 4.5"
Thighs - 34.5" - 5.5"
Chest - 34.5" - 4.5"
Left Bicep - 10" - 1.25"
Right Bicep - 10" - 1.25"
Left Bicep Flexed - 11" - 1.25"
Right Bicep Flexed - 11" - 1.5"
Left Calf - 13.25" - 1.25"
Right Calf - 13.5" - 1.25"
Left Above Knee - 14.5" - 2"
Right Above Knee - 14.5" - 2"
Butt - 34.5" - 3+"

All of these physical differences are great, but the personal difference of confidence and a sense of being able to overcome other challenges is also a wonderful outcome. Plus I can once again fit into clothes and my car seat now without a struggle, so I am now well and truely ready to socialize and get my life back.

As I mentioned before, I have previously tried other long, drawn-out programs before. But Craig Ballantyne and his team of experts have obviously got something very right with all their research and skills, and the ability to communicate them effectively.

Thank you Craig. My life has totally transformed because of this program, and my only hope is that I can encourage many others to also improve their quality of life by taking on the same challenge.

May God bless you as you have blessed others.

Kindest Regards and with the Deepest Gratitude,


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